HybridVirtual Balisage: Balisage 2020 will be an online-only event

Balisage 2020 will be a virtual event for both speakers and attendees. This is new for Balisage, and we ask for patience and assistance as we figure it out!

We do not yet know what technology we will use for Balisage 2020. We hope that by early July it will be clear which options are best suited for this use. We do not expect to find a perfect tool; we hope to find one that will satisfy the needs and concerns of most of the Balisage community.

To disturb the circadian rhythms of attendees as little as possible, we'll have fewer talks per day, and the conference will expand to five days (Monday-Friday). The talks offered for this year's symposium on accessibility will be given during the main conference.

Tentative plans are to begin the earliest talk no earlier than 10 am Eastern Time (7 am Pacific Time), and end the last talk of the day no later than 5 pm Eastern (11 pm in most of continental Europe). Details to be announced with the preliminary program.

Advantages of attending Balisage online:

Note: We had at one time hoped that a hybrid event would be possible, with an in-person component for those able to gather in Rockville, MD, USA. It is now clear that this will not be feasible this July, so we have canceled our hotel reservations and are looking for ways to make a completely virtual Balisage a success. We repeat: this is new to us, and we will appreciate your help and goodwill as we, all of us, work out the details.