Balisage Series on Markup Technologies

ISSN 1947-2609

Volume 18: Proceedings of XML In, Web Out: International Symposium on sub rosa XML

ISBN-13 978-1-935958-14-7

XML In, Web Out: International Symposium on sub rosa XML

Washington, DC

August 1, 2016

Chair: James Fuller

Come explore how the XML technology stack enables Great Web Applications from the “basement” to the “last mile”.

In today’s world “application” often means “web application”. Most web applications are messy. The current web application stack changes rapidly; frameworks go in and out of favor; the standards evolve; JavaScript changes.

At the same time, mission critical applications are built on top of “big data”. We have large volumes of often volatile data that must be accessed, distilled, summarized, and transformed for delivery to the web.

Enterprises desperately need to provide stable, scalable, and sustainable infrastructure to meet the needs of modern applications. More and more organizations are using an XML infrastructure. Appropriately-designed XML applications can enable “stable innovation” of mission-critical information resources while handling new requirements, changing data models, and mitigating the churn of constantly changing requirements.

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