The Balisage Series on Markup Technologies is envisaged as a long-lived research archive supporting the markup theory and practice community. In order to support this mission, the owners will preserve indefinitely, to the best of our ability, the availability of the material in this series, at the URIs currently assigned. These URIs are intended to be permanent, and links to this material may be expected not to break, at least as long as the publisher remains in existence and the current URI infrastructure is available.

DOIs: As a fail-safe mechanism, to ensure that the materials in these volumes will be easily addressable in the long-term, we have assigned a Digital Object Identifier to each paper and registered these DOIs with CrossRef. By registering these DOIs, we also make it easy for other publications, such as journals, to provide live links from citations of Balisage papers to the papers on this site.

Portico Deposits: To further support this mission, the Balisage Proceedings are archived with Portico, a leading preservation service for electronically-published scholarly literature. Portico stores digital scholarly materials to provide access to such materials in the event a publisher discontinues access from its own website, platform, or portal.

Note: This is a statement of intent, not a legal guarantee.