Accessibility Statement

The publishers of the Balisage Series on Markup Technologies have tried hard to make the material in this series as accessible as possible.

There are links to skip to content on most pages. Pressing the tab key when a page first loads should take a reader to the Skip Navigation links.

In addition, a reader may select a color theme by switching Dark theme: Off on the horizontal navigation bar; each theme’s colors were chosen to try to provide good contrast. Text has also been re-sized to assist reading.

However, this series contains the proceedings of conferences, symposia, and other events. Individuals who spoke at an event supplied their papers, which may contain diagrams or other graphics without text explaining them. The papers are also often written in an academic form of English that can be difficult to follow. The publishers do not have resources to translate these papers into other languages. Nonetheless, the publishers want people to be able to access the papers and read them; if you have any problems, please send email to [email protected].

Thank you for visiting.