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Balisage Fill-in/Encore Presentations

The Balisage Program consists of all new material on a wide variety of topics related to Markup. At the time the program was assembled the conference committee believed that every one of the speakers who accepted a spot on the program would be able to come to Balisage and make a presentation. And we look forward to all of these presentations.

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen. There may be medical emergencies, family crises, or travel arrangements may fail. Speakers have, in the past, been unable to make it to Balisage because of defective travel documents, automobile accidents, floods, and health problems. In other words, Balisage speakers are people and have all the vulnerabilities we all have.

So, there may be last minute holes in the Balisage program.

Balisage attendees who have markup-related presentations with them are invited to offer them as Fill-ins. In general, we expect these to be presentations that have been delivered at previous events, but not previous Balisage conferences. (If you know that a Balisage attendee has given a presentation you wish you had heard, or gave a presentation you thought was excellent and you wish more people had heard it, please ask that person to offer to repeat the presentation.)

At the registration desk there will be a sign-up sheet for offers of fill-in presentations. At the time that we learn that a speaker will be unable to deliver a presentation the conference committee will ask the Balisage audience to select from among the offered presentations. This may mean that fill-in speakers get several days notice or it may mean that we ask someone to speak on 5 or 10 minutes notice.

If you are interested, please:

  1. Bring your best recent presentations with you to Balisage
  2. Tell the people at the Conference Registration Desk that you are interested in giving a Fill-in
  3. Provide the Conference Registration desk with the following information
    • Title of the presentation
    • Name of presenter(s)
    • Short description of the presentation (on the order of 100 words)
    • Dates and locations where the presentation has been given.

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