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Local Information


People who live here expect July and August in the Washington, D.C. area to be hot, humid, and horrible. It often is. Daily high temperatures above 90°F are common; relative humidity above 90% is also common. Nightly lows above 80°F are not uncommon. However, on average you should expect high temperatures in the 80s and lows in the 70s with a slight breeze. In other words, hot but far less horrible than the folklore would have you believe.

Washington sometimes has dramatic thunder storms in August, and a hurricane is possible (although unlikely). For more details, see What is Washington, D.C.’s weather like in August?

Indoor Weather

While it will probably be hot outdoors, it may be chilly indoors. Air conditioning is used both to cool and to dry the air. This means that it is sometimes too chilly indoors for people dressed for the outdoors. Bring a light sweater or jacket; you may want it.

Places to Eat

There are quite a few restaurants within walking distance of the conference hotel. Here is list of restaurants in the downtown Rockville area. Local favorites include: Giuseppi’s Pizza, The Golden Samovar, and Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant.

Things to do in Washington

Start with an overview of Washington, D.C.’s attractions at, or check our Local Activities page for some of our Rockville area favorites.

Getting Around in Washington

The hotel is 0.2 miles from the Rockville stop of the Red Line. In general, we recommend that you take the Metro. The Metro is undergoing track maintenance, which may mean slow evening and weekend service. We suggest checking the Metro’s Planned Metrorail Track Work or using the Metro Trip Planner. If you are looking for information for a future trip, click on “MORE OPTIONS” and tell the system when you want to travel.