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Balisage 2019 Call for Late-breaking News

The peer-reviewed part of the Balisage program has been scheduled. A few slots on the Balisage program have been reserved for presentation of “Late-breaking” material.

Proposals for late-breaking slots must be received at by June 7, 2019. Selection of late-breaking proposals will be made by the Balisage conference committee, instead of being made in the course of the regular peer-review process.

In order to be considered for inclusion in the final program, your proposal message must supply the following information:

In order to be in serious contention for inclusion in the final program, your proposal should be either: a) really late-breaking (it happened in the last month or two), or b) a paper, an extended paper proposal, or a very long abstract with references. Late-breaking slots are few and the competition is fiercer than for peer-reviewed papers. The more we know about your proposal, the better we can appreciate the quality of your submission.

Please feel encouraged to provide any other information that could aid the conference committee as it considers your proposal, such as a detailed outline, samples, code, and/or graphics. We expect to receive far more proposals for late-breaking presentations than we can accept, so it's important that you send enough information to make your proposal convincing and exciting. (This material may be attached to the email message, if appropriate.)

The conference committee reserves the right to make editorial changes in your abstract and/or title for the conference program and publicity.