Balisage 2021 Call for Encore Presentations

The Balisage 2021 program, like all previous Balisage programs, will be all new content.

It is an unavoidable fact that conference programs are fragile, and live virtual events are especially fragile. Even at the best of times it is not uncommon for scheduled speakers to be unable to present. Balisage speakers have cancelled at the last minute for many reasons: health problems, transportation failures, issues with passports or visas, last minute funding problems, even fires and floods. In the past we have asked conference attendees to repeat presentations from other conferences to fill in as needed. Some of these "Encore Presentations" have been very well received by the Balisage attendees!

For 2021 we expect presenters to have all of the usual challenges AND challenges with the virtual conference technology. So, we solicit "Encore Presentations" for Balisage 2021. Encore presentations are technical papers/presentations that have been given at previous events (but not previous Balisage conferences). We want to have a variety of Encore Presentations "in our pockets" to call on should any of the regular presentatations fail for any reason.

Selection and scheduling of Encore Presentations will be entirely the decision of the conference committee. We will give encore speakers as much notice of their selection and speaking time as possible, but it is possible that "as much notice as possible" will be very little notice indeed.

Proposals for Encore Presentation slots must be received at [email protected] by July 16, 2021.

Requirements for Encore Presentations are similar to requirements for regular Balisage presentations in that they should be markup-related and technical. If you are interested in repeating one of your presentations at Balisage 2021 please supply the following information: