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Call for Posters

All conference participants are welcome to contribute posters.

What is a poster?

A poster is between one and three large pieces of paper (or a flight of smaller sheets pieced together). A poster is an opportunity to publish a very short article and discuss it with your peers. It may be an overview of a technical topic, problem, question, product, or case study. It may include drawings, text, code fragments, or whatever you need to make your point.

The typical poster is not just a shortened version of a conference talk (although those are acceptable!); posters are less formal, more interactive, and may provoke argument. Your poster will be on view throughout the conference, so the main ideas should be clear without explanation.

Why posters?

  • Increase the variety of points of view aired at the conference
  • Encourage two-way communication
  • Allow detailed and/or esoteric presentations
  • Provide a forum for “small” presentations (ideas shorter than a conference paper, of interest to only a few people, or which are best communicated graphically)

Technical specifications

From one to three poster-pages, with text large enough to read easily from 2 to 4 feet away. No need to be fancy; hand-written with markers is fine! Use paper (or card stock) not Foam-Core (it is very difficult to hang heavy posters).

No more than the equivalent of 3 poster-pages per presentation, with each poster-page 22" x 28" maximum (56 by 71 cm).

The conference will supply the following:

  • Bulletin-board style display boards
  • Stick-on Velcro, for mounting plain paper posters
  • Blank flip-chart pages, for ad hoc posters
  • Colored markers, for ad hoc posters

Poster presenters must print their own posters and bring the posters to the conference, or create hand-written posters on-site using paper and markers. Presenters who need any additional supplies or equipment to display your poster must provide these supplies for themselves.

If you have any questions on Baliasge posters send email to Debbie Lapeyre or call +1 301/315-9633. If you plan on doing a poster presentation please send email to help us ensure that there will be adequate space.

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