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International Symposium on
Native XML user interfaces

Monday August 5, 2013
Hotel Europa, Montréal, Canada

XML is everywhere. It is created, gathered, manipulated, queried, browsed, read, and modified. XML systems need user interfaces to do all of these things. How can we make user interfaces for XML that are powerful, simple to use, quick to develop, and easy to maintain?

How are we building user interfaces today? How can we build them tomorrow? Are we using XML to drive our user interfaces? How?

This one-day symposium is devoted to the theory and practice of user interfaces for XML: the current state of implementations, practical case studies, challenges for users, and the outlook for the future development of the technology.

9:00 am C.M. Sperberg-McQueen Welcome
9:15 am Steven Pemberton Using XForms for interfaces to XML data
10:00 am George Bina Customizing a general purpose XML editor: oXygen’s authoring environment
11:15 am Mustapha Maalej & Anne Brüggemann-Klein Generating schema-aware XML editors in XForms
12:00 pm Ari Nordström ProX: XML for interfacing with XML for processing XML
2:00 pm Éric Sigaud, Romain Tailhurat, Franck Cotton, & Eric van der Vlist XForms generation: A real world example
2:45 pm Charles O’Connor, Antony Gnanapiragasam, & Michael Hepp ProofExpress: A browser-based XML article proofing system for STM journals
4:00 pm Symposium attendees Open Forum

Chair: C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, Black Mesa Technologies

Questions: info@balisage.net

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