Quality assurance in the XML world: Beyond validation

Dale Waldt


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Quality assurance in the XML world: Beyond validation

International Symposium on Quality Assurance and Quality Control in XML
August 6, 2012


Validation of XML documents typically provides feedback in binary, yes/no form. This avoids the ambiguity, manual intervention, and increased cost of other approaches. But it may not be enough to make XML applications efficient, accurate, or semantically rich. How do you ensure that the correct element and attribute types are applied to the appropriate content chunks? That XML documents are accurate and current? That your XML has a level of semantic richness appropriate to your business goals? How do you control quality over large collections? How do you resolve conflicting organizational goals for information integration and ensure that content and schemas help the enterprise as a whole? Conceptual and physical models, model / schema traceability, and effective stakeholder review can all help. Schematron, document comparison (diff) tools, statistical methods can also help, but may raise QA questions of their own. Improvements in requirements gathering and QA processes can produce visible results; concrete examples can and will be discussed.