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Owens, Evan. “Symposium introduction.” Presented at Up-Translation and Up-Transformation: Tasks, Challenges, and Solutions, Washington, DC, July 31, 2017. In Proceedings of Up-Translation and Up-Transformation: Tasks, Challenges, and Solutions. Balisage Series on Markup Technologies, vol. 20 (2017).

Up-Translation and Up-Transformation: Tasks, Challenges, and Solutions
July 31, 2017

Balisage Paper: Symposium introduction

Evan Owens

Cenveo Publisher Services

Evan Owens has worked on technology implementation and management for academic publishing for 30 years including early migrations to SGML and XML and HTML and all the publishing workflow components. He has been involved in many standards for content and metadata including ISO 12083 DTD, NLM DTD, NISO JATS, PREMIS and in industry organizations and initiatives including Crossref, NISO, and CHORUS. He has attended the SGML and XML conferences for many years and been a frequent speaker on technology topics at scholarly publishing conferences.

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Evan Owens, the symposium chair, will introduce the context of up-translations and up-transformations, identify critical issues in workflow solutions, and summarize the themes and topics to be covered by the conference speakers and in the demos. Content enhancement by up-transformation and/or up-translation has historically been an important task and component of markup language technology. Requirements keep evolving; this has been and will remain an important and perpetual topic.