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Balisage 2020

All of the photographs on these pages were provided by the photographer for this use, and unless otherwise specified remain the property of the photographer.

Bethan Tovey-Walsh at Balisage 2020
Bethan Tovey-Walsh at Balisage 2020
(You can also see Balisage’s portal
for the “virtual” conference.)

Steve DeRose at Balisage 2020
Steve DeRose speaking at Balisage 2020
Anne Brueggemann-Klein's slide at Balisage 2020
A slide from Anne Brüggemann-Klein’s presentation
Joel Kalvesmaki at Balisage 2020
Joel Kalvesmaki
Norm Tovey-Walsh's slide at Balisage 2020
Norm Tovey-Walsh’s slide at Balisage 2020
Conference Swag, 2020
Tommie Usdin with the perfect swag
for a conference held during a pandemic:
the Balisage 2020 mask!