Image Object

Wrapper for image data.

Expanded Content Model



<imagedata> Image Data

This element may be contained in:

<inlinemediaobject>, <mediaobject>


        <para>The native people grew a variety of large broad-leafed, ground-covering vines which
          produced what they called “macocqwer” or gourds. (<emphasis role="ital">See</emphasis>
          <xref linkend="gourds"/>.) Varying in color among shades of green, yellow, and orange,
          these gourds served a number of functions, not chief of which was as a food source. There
          were two distinct types, soft-shelled and hard-shelled. ...</para>
        <figure xml:id="gourds" xreflabel="Gourds">
              <imagedata format="jpg" fileref="19450212-2.jpg"/>
            <para>While gourds, pumpkins and squashes were new to the English, they were soon
              discovered to be very useful for warding off starvation.</para>