Media Object

A displayed media object; for Balisage, only still images are permitted.


While any Media Object may have its own caption, it is more common to caption an entire Figure (containing one or more mediaobjects).

Expanded Content Model

(imageobject+, caption?)


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<appendix>, <article>, <blockquote>, <equation>, <figure>, <listitem>, <note>, <para>, <section>, <td>, <th>


        <para>The native people grew a variety of large broad-leafed, ground-covering vines which
          produced what they called “macocqwer” or gourds. (<emphasis role="ital">See</emphasis>
          <xref linkend="gourds"/>.) Varying in color among shades of green, yellow, and orange,
          these gourds served a number of functions, not chief of which was as a food source. There
          were two distinct types, soft-shelled and hard-shelled. ...</para>
        <figure xml:id="gourds" xreflabel="Gourds">
              <imagedata format="jpg" fileref="19450212-2.jpg"/>
            <para>While gourds, pumpkins and squashes were new to the English, they were soon
              discovered to be very useful for warding off starvation.</para>