Block Quote

A quotation set off from the main text.

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This element may be contained in:

<appendix>, <article>, <blockquote>, <figure>, <listitem>, <note>, <para>, <section>


<article xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook" version="5.0-subset Balisage-1.3"
  <title>Raleigh's Discoveries in the New World</title>
    <para>On March 25, 1584, Queen Elizabeth I of England charged Sir Walter Raleigh to
        <para>discover, search, find out, and view such remote, heathen and barbarous lands,
          countries, and territories, not actually possessed of any Christian Prince, nor inhabited
          by Christian People</para>
        <attribution><xref linkend="mul93"/></attribution>
      </blockquote> That same year Raleigh sent two captains, Philip Amades and Arthur Barlowe, from
      England to Hispaniola and the Canary Islands; from there, the captains were instructed to
      scout the lands ...</para>