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Silent Auction to Benefit Student Awards Program

The Conspicuous Consumption Auction needs more loot!

The first annual Conspicuous Consumption Auction at Balisage 2010 needs your loot. This silent auction raises money to help young, up-and-coming markup stars/students attend the conference. What can you donate that will drive your fellow Balisagers to spend, spend, spend, like a Fortune-50 CEO after a government bailout?

The auction has a good core collection of items, including:

  • books from O'Reilly and Crane Softwrights
  • licenses to a variety of cool/useful XML software
  • fashion items including "XML for the Long Haul" shirts and and an "SGML Geek" pin

but we need more. Let us know if you have something you'd like to donate (send email to

Then get ready to bid and show up your friends and colleagues for the cheapsakes they are. We might not all be able drop $20M on private jets, but what city better than Montreal for tossing around a few $20s?


Sam Wilmott and David Megginson,
Conspicuous Consumption Auction organizers


Starting Tuesday before lunch and ending Wednesday after lunch


Will be available on site.

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