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Balisage: where serious markup practitioners and theoreticians meet every August. Balisage 2014 will continue the tradition. The location is new, the spirit unchanged.

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2014

August 5 — 8, 2014, Washington, DC, USA
August 4, 2014 — Pre-conference Symposium

(Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center)

Balisage is an annual conference devoted to the theory and practice of descriptive markup and related technologies for structuring and managing information.

Are you interested in open information, reusable documents, and vendor and application independence? Then you need descriptive markup, and Balisage is the conference you should attend. Balisage brings together document architects, librarians, archivists, computer scientists, XML wizards, XSLT and XQuery programmers, implementers of XSLT and XQuery engines and other markup-related software, Topic-Map enthusiasts, semantic-Web evangelists, standards developers, academics, industrial researchers, government and NGO staff, industrial developers, practitioners, consultants, and the world's greatest concentration of markup theorists. Some participants are busy designing replacements for XML while other still use SGML (and know why they do). Discussion is open, candid, and unashamedly technical. Content-free marketing spiels are unwelcome and ineffective.

If you are a markup geek and happy to be one, Balisage is the place for you. But even if you are NOT a markup geek but find it instructive to hang around with them now and then, you should enjoy Balisage.

People involved with Balisage

The people making Balisage include markup theoreticians and practitioners, data modelers, designers, architects, and both aficionados and deep thinkers. We work as software developers, system architects, academics, integrators, librarians, data miners, lexicographers, integrators, archivists, document managers, standards developers, programmers, and publishers.

Conference Committee

B. Tommie Usdin, Mulberry Technologies
Deborah A. Lapeyre, Mulberry Technologies
James David Mason, Y-12 National Security Complex
C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, Black Mesa Technologies
Norman Walsh, MarkLogic Corporation

Advisory Board